About the project

Miquette Bishop is the artist, founder, and creative force behind Legends of OM®. She possesses a background rich with artistic endeavors and creative experiences… Having a creative side is simply part of her nature.

Their OMs are gentle reminders that all life is connected and that no life can exist without another: they only have to look up at the skies to recognize this fact. There are times when they appear to us, for brief moments, as if they were fireflies amidst a night sky. Their ceramic versions are all individually handmade in their studio in Rhode Island. The company was unhappy with the design of its existing site and wished to integrate it with another platform. The platform designs and functionality end up causing so many questions for users. She explained how it would work on the issue and that it wouldn’t change. We were left to deal with the rest. Initially, we worked on switching to WordPress from Shopify. Afterward, our designer added a mystical feel and many animations to the website.