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Registration Bot | Automated Control Interface

Glimpses of the project


Core PHP, MySQL, Firebase, Java, Selenium


Aug 2018


Going On


Registration Bot system keeps track of balance, profit, and loss of gamers accounts in multiple different gaming websites. The system can create various Bot tasks such as automatic registration, balance update, file upload, and play games. It keeps track of Withdrawals, Profit Loss Value and Expected Values for gamers and provides many different filters and charts for analytics.

The Challenges

The key tasks that were expected to be accomplished were:

• Automate the process of data collection for many different accounts and keep it updated constantly.

• Update data in real-time without needing to refresh the page.

• Show Global notifications in real-time.

Our Solution

Keeping in mind the amount of data volume this system can incur over time, we carefully designed the database to make sure it will give consistent performance over periods of time. We made sure the data was managed in such a way that the volume will not impact system performance over time.

We integrated Firebase to update all data in real-time. The system shows updated data at all times, without needing to refresh the pages as the traditional systems need. It also shows notifications in real-time and provides a great performance boost.

We created a control panel that allowed us to create and manage different Bot tasks. These tasks’ schedules, as well as intervals, are customizable in many different ways. We created different Bots to automate the tasks and integrated them with the control panel to give clients the flexibility they needed in operating the Bots.

We developed a Positions module that gives the flexibility of calculating and analyzing Expected values, Profit Loss values, and Withdrawals for games and sports betting in different scenarios.