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IOT Development Services

When the world seems unsafe, come to Smart Things!

The Internet of Things or IoT Development has grown widespread in all sectors of life, from residences to corporations. IoT, which connects everything and everyone, makes the world smarter and more efficient than before.

There are managed and platform services available on the edge as well as the cloud that allow billions of devices to be connected, monitored, and controlled via IoT.
With a value-focused mentality, we approach every IoT project we take on.

By linking assets, operations/logistics, and services, we enable smart industries, smart living, and smart businesses and provide linked experiences.


Preventive Maintenance

IoT-based asset maintenance helps identify potential failures and increases productivity.
Mobile App Deployment

Instant Deployment

On-premises or in the cloud, we can deploy an industrial IoT solution according to your needs.


WingsTech has been in the competition for a long time. And hence knows the market of IoT Development Services in and out. With years of expertise, WingsTech leads the competition and deliver top-notch solutions.

System Integration

Our services include consulting on IoT devices and sensors, as well as integration with clients' software.

Buzz your way to success!

Open Source

Open Source Technologies

We make use of many open source databases which are utilized to the best of our abilities.
The different servers include SQL servers, Big Data packages, NoSQL databases, and a lot more. Further, these technologies help add more value to the business systems and processes.
multiple platforms

Multiple platforms

To make sure you get great accessibility, we use different platforms. Besides, these platforms can be custom embedded according to your business needs. We make use of Linux/Unix, Windows, single board computers, Java, .NET, and many more.

Visual Testing

Simulations are constructed so that hard-to-cover software paths can be tested in a controlled environment.
user interface2

User Interface

We also have experience building desktop and mobile applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What programming languages are needed for IoT Development Services?
A reliable IoT Development Company like WingsTech uses languages like C, Python, JavaScript, Swift, PHP, etc.
2. How much does it cost for IoT Development Services?
The cost of IoT Development Services varies for different projects. Besides, it depends on multiple aspects like category, complexity, custom solutions, features, etc.
3. Is choosing WingsTech as my IoT Development Company the right choice?
Yes, WingsTech offers comprehensive and custom solutions suiting your business needs. And hence it can be the right choice for any business.

Hiring Models

Fixed Price
In our Fixed Price Model, you pay only for the pre-defined amount of project you expect us to deliver. If you have defined the requirements and scope of your project and do not expect us to engage on regular basis, you can opt for our Fixed Price Model.
Time & Material
If your project is difficult to itemize and estimate in advance then our highly flexible Time & Material (T&M) model is ideal for you. You only have to pay for the hours spent on development of the bespoke product along with the material costs such as hardware or software purchase costs.
Retainer Agreement
If you have on-going demand for IT expertise and infrastructure but you're not sure how much of it you may require, you can sign our pay-as-you-go Retainer Agreement. You will be billed monthly only for the services you avail, instead of committing a fixed amount.