The Reasons To Choose Backbone JS When Building Web & Apps.

The best JavaScript framework can be difficult to choose if you own a business. Each day, new technology is released, and it is crucial for businesses to select an application framework based on their business needs. There is no need to wait until a framework’s release date before using it. The timing is determined by its popularity and what features it offers.

It’s time to turn digital transformation from buzzword into reality!

Digital transformation is rife with overused and vague buzzwords. All kinds of buzzwords are created in the ERP technology and digital transformation industry. As a result, it’s fundamentally a method of expressing value and a way to express oneself differently.

Swift vs. Objective-C: A Look at iOS Programming Languages

One of the first things you need to decide when you are contemplating the perfect iOS app is the language that you will use. There are primarily two options for iOS app development: Objective-C or the next-generation Swift.

5 Clear Reasons Why You Need Digital Marketing.

Technology has transformed the way business is conducted today. The way ad agencies approach their campaigns has significantly changed. Digital marketing is not just beneficial to big brands and companies. Additionally, digital marketing can have a profound effect on small businesses. Thus, digital advertising is a key element of today’s businesses’ promotional strategy.

7 Reasons Why Chatbots Are Indispensable For Business

Chatbot majorly depends on the nature of the business you owe and how much you are driven by technology, in today’s competitive world, where every business is running towards one ultimate goal that is “to stand out of the crowd” and become the eye of the public.

Pick Your Technology Stack Wisely For Your Endowment

The technology stack is the foundation for your startup. If you make a poor choice, it could mean the failure of your company. You should consider budget, scalability, time to market, and project size and type when choosing the right stack.

React Native v/s Xamarin: A Cross-Platform Standoff

At present, React Native and Xamarin are ruling the roost. These two heavyweights of cross-platform development, React Native and Xamarin, implement the functionality of “Write once and Deploy anywhere.”

XaaS (Anything as a Service) covers it all: Everything can now be a service.

Looking at today’s business models, As a Service (aaS) models are easy to spot. Once, we had cassette tapes and CDs. Today, we have online music subscriptions. Not only do you pay less with a music subscription service, you now have on-demand access to exponentially more content than you could afford if you had to buy each album individually. You are also no longer responsible for locally storing, organizing, and maintaining an enormous library of CDs.

4 Ways AI Will Continue To Accelerate The Transition Into Tech Space

In the last decade, many companies have started implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve their services and products. This has led to AI being improved significantly during the previous year. Nowadays, AI is capable of accomplishing a great number of tasks in different fields, just like skilled professionals. As a result, many jobs have been replaced by automated AI products.

5 Graphic Design Soft Skills To Hone

Soft skills are the traits and behaviors that make a job candidate a well-rounded employee. Soft skills include characteristics that can be hard to measure, like creativity, good communication, and critical thinking. Because these skills apply to careers in many different industries, they’re sometimes referred to as transferable skills.

The Covid-19 Era: Will Remote Work Change Tech Salaries?

There has been a lot of speculation about how remote working will affect tech salaries. But the truth is that it is still too soon to tell the definite outcome. Tech salaries have been increasing slowly each year, but the pandemic may have put a stop to that. Here are the possible factors that could impact salaries in the new coronavirus era.

How to Attract, Keep and Motivate Tech Professionals?

Attracting and retaining tech professionals has become a challenge these days. While the need for tech talent continues to increase, more companies are making more attractive job offers. Tech talent knows they are valuable, and, during the coronavirus pandemic, they set higher demands.

Blockchain: Why Buzzing Everywhere!

Blockchain technology has recently effectively gained widespread attention to innovating business processes. It is shifting the paradigms of our business world at a rapid rate. Even though there are some mixed feelings toward this technology, yet no one can entirely underestimate its role in the global economic landscape. It is poised to dramatically transform commerce across every industry from financial to legal services, agriculture to healthcare, and more.

Smartphones Revolutionize Our Lives!

In little more than a decade, the smartphone has become a universal presence in our daily lives in predictable ways. A staggering 5 billion people now own one around the world. Though smartphones have come a long way since their introduction in the late 1980s. They are friendly gadgets that have made everything reachable through a touch.

It doesn’t matter what programming language you learn!

Many programmers tend to fall in love with a programming language but the programming language is just an assemblage of words, like any other language. So knowing all the words and syntax in any language won’t help out. Besides the programming paradigms, there is also an assemblage of rules or technically spoken patterns that can be applied in almost any programming language. Learn the principles that apply in many languages, and the rest will follow.

A Cult. A Classic. A Comedy.

These 3 words perfectly describe Andaz Apna Apna. On 4th November 1994, Bollywood saw a cult classic, Andaz Apna Apna make its way into Indian cinema and achieve its incomparable status over the years. My ALL-TIME FAVORITE, this film is about 2 warring friends portrayed as the human version of Tom and Jerry and the events that unfold as they try to win the affections of the leading ladies.

SQL vs. NoSQL – What’s the Best Option for your Database?

Databases are evolving. As the market is flooded with many types of databases and this creates a dilemma for architects to choose one that gratifies the project’s requirement. The ‘One size fits for all’ approach is no longer applicable. Developers need to judge the relevance and applicability before adopting any of the databases.

The Art Of Capturing Requirement Analysis

There’s a common refrain that gets uttered at the end of unsuccessful projects: “The requirements weren’t clear.” Fingers start pointing, blame gets thrown around, and no one ends up happy. Thankfully, there’s a simple way to alleviate that problem, and it’s as obvious as it is challenging: requirements gathering.

Unlock the Power of VueJS

Being a tech geek, your most treasured hobby must be looking for state-of-the-art and intriguing technologies to develop more user-engaging applications. If you like coding, you will be going to love the concept of Vue.js. You can implement Vue incrementally and it can work in conjunction with other libraries. There’s a high level of flexibility here that opens up a world of possibilities. Yes, Vue is experiencing a huge amount of growth.

Imminent evolves around Big Data

Lately the term ‘Big Data’ has been under the limelight, no more a new term, and almost everyone knows something about it. Before the past couple of years, most of the data was stored on paper, film, or any other analog media; only one-quarter of all the world’s stored information was digital. But now everything is digital.