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Hire PHP Developers

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Hire skilled PHP developers with us! Our PHP solutions are comprehensive and go beyond coding. Major PHP frameworks like Zend, Laravel, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, and Symphony are our forte. This expertise, and an understanding of various industry verticals allow them to deliver tailored solutions as per specific needs.

We offer flexibility & collaboration as core components. Our dedicated PHP programmers can seamlessly integrate into your product development team. Either as full-time staff or on an ad-hoc basis, we provide agile development methodology with clear communication. With a supportive environment, we groom your product with ongoing feedback and adjustments throughout the development cycle.

Our team works with pure PHP. With a vast knowledge base of back-end development to front-end interaction – our full-stack developers are well versed in everything including database management. This proficiency allows them to integrate various technologies like Node.js, Angular.JS, ReactJS & Laravel in projects. Looking for a best-in-class solution for a robust and functional web application?

We are your best option for scalable & flawless PHP development solutions!

Hire Dedicated PHP Developers

1. Enquire and Get CVs

View our comprehensive portfolio of pre-vetted developers – and quickly identify the perfect match for your project.

2. Rigorous Screening

Beyond basic resumes, our developers undergo a multi-step screening process. Background checks & advanced skill assessments ensure that they ‘possess’ the skills and expertise to meet your unique needs.

3. Technical Interview

To evaluate their technical skills, we facilitate in-depth technical interviews tailored to your project’s specific needs. You can make sure that the developers are perfect for your team.

4. Signing Contracts

Clear and comprehensive contracts are established – which outline the terms and conditions of the collaboration. A smooth & secure partnership is one of our most powerful USPs.

5. Project Launch

We now have a dedicated PHP developer on board and clear expectations are set. Your project can kick off immediately!
PHP Developers

Why hire PHP developers with WingsTech?


PHP Framework Expertise

Efficient development, scalability, and maintainability of web apps is crucial. We have the framework expertise to do that and more.

Custom Integration Capability

Our PHP developers have a knack in integrating 3rd party APIs smoothly, ensuring seamless connectivity and functionality within your web ecosystem.
Save Money

Hassle-Free Development & Design

Optimizing code, database queries, and enhancing performance for your web apps is our PHP developers’ forte.

No Backout Policy

Our developers are committed to completing your project on time without backing out due to unpredictable situations.

Competitive Budgets

Hiring our developers saves you up to 65% on your IT costs, and there is no compromise on your quality!

Non-Disclosure Agreement

We sign an NDA to ensure complete confidentiality of client-vendor relations.

Hiring Models

Fixed Price
In our Fixed Price Model, you pay only for the pre-defined amount of project you expect us to deliver. If you have defined the requirements and scope of your project and do not expect us to engage on regular basis, you can opt for our Fixed Price Model.
Time & Material
If your project is difficult to itemize and estimate in advance then our highly flexible Time & Material (T&M) model is ideal for you. You only have to pay for the hours spent on development of the bespoke product along with the material costs such as hardware or software purchase costs.
Retainer Agreement
If you have on-going demand for IT expertise and infrastructure but you're not sure how much of it you may require, you can sign our pay-as-you-go Retainer Agreement. You will be billed monthly only for the services you avail, instead of committing a fixed amount.