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Tech Quarters

About the project

TechQuarters works with forward-thinking companies seeking reliable IT Support and modernizing their technology. Essentially, their mission is to minimize their IT headaches, enhance their organization with Microsoft Cloud solutions, help their staff work faster and more efficiently, support their growth with proven IT experience, and stay one step ahead of the competition. Their strategy is to partner with their customers, so they have a better understanding of their business and can add more value that way, as opposed to being a commodity supplier.

Initially, their website worked well, but because of HubSpot’s API integration, it takes too long for pages to load. Although they entrusted many IT firms with the concern, no one was able to discover the cause, in fact, they gave the very basic solutions that weren’t even needed. Finally, they came to us, we implemented the solution instantly, which was to just load the whole webpage before loading the HubSpot API, the load speed was 2-3 seconds. After seeing our solution, they were so thrilled.