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Beyond ChatGPT: 10 Extraordinary AI Tools You Should Try Now

Beyond ChatGPT: 10 Extraordinary AI Tools You Should Try Now

Artificial Intelligence has demonstrated its superiority by being the most potent instrument for automation, streamlining, and superior decision-making in today’s digital age. Owing to the progressions in technology, AI has been made more accessible and affordable, and its advantages can now be harnessed by individuals and businesses to optimize their activities and livelihoods.

The dawn of AI has brought forth a paradigm shift in the way we inhabit, and communicate with the digital universe. AI has unveiled unprecedented effectiveness, and novelty that was unexplored so far. Be it in the field of healthcare, finance, education, or entertainment, AI is challenging the status quo by providing successful solutions that were very difficult to overcome before. From virtual assistants to computer vision, AI has transformed how we live our lives, providing unparalleled efficiency, accuracy, and innovation.

In this blog, we will take a closer look at 10 useful and innovative AI tools that can transform how you work and engage in daily life and may even blow your mind! These apps will serve as a refreshing change for those who have been using ChatGPT for a long time and now want to further their abilities by getting various other kinds of work done by using AI tools.


Descript is an audio AI tool that converts your text into audio. It’s extremely versatile and easy to use. You only need to download the software to your computer and write the text into a blank document. It immediately provides options to choose a speaker. After you’ve selected the speaker you can test it out by playing the audio. You also have the option to add your own voice to the software and it will use it to convert the provided text into audio.


Voice.ai is a tool in which you can easily change your voice in the audio to sound like any celebrity you like. To use this tool, you need to download the software to your computer and choose from a plethora of celebrity voice presets. After choosing your celebrity, record your own voice or upload your audio to change the voice to that of the selected celebrity. Isn’t that cool?


Imagine you have created a video script but you are struggling to make a video out of it. Worry not, Pictory.ai will take care of the video creation for you. This tool creates fantastic videos based on the video script that was input by you. You can do this by going to their website and copy-pasting the video script in the text box. The tool will then generate visuals around your script and then a video will be generated. You also get the option to replace the visuals with the predefined ones provided by the website or use your own by replacing them.


With D-ID you can create videos by using your own image. You can also create a video based on the pre-provided presenters just by providing your own content to the app. You can select various voices and different styles and languages for the video. How cool is that?


With this tool, you can easily remove the background of your video and replace it with another image, provided there’s an item focused in the center of the video. The item can be anything, an object or it can be even you as a person. There are many inbuilt background images provided in the application and you also have the option to upload your own background image.

Adobe Podcast

Annoyed by the background noise in your video? Well, turns out, with Adobe Podcast you can remove the unnecessary background noise easily and make the audio/video sound like it was recorded in a professional studio. All you have to do is head to its website and upload your own audio file and choose the ‘Enhance Speech’ option. It will then remove any kind of noise, even any kind of echo from the audio. Quite useful stuff!


Ever wished that there weren’t any unwanted objects in your image blocking something really important or beautiful to you? Like a person photobombing your favorite selfie, or buildings blocking a beautiful sunset view? Now, you don’t have to worry about it since cleanup.pictures takes care of it pretty efficiently. This app can remove any objects that you do not wish were there in your image. All you have to do is head to their website and upload your image and then select the area where the object is located with a brush and then voila! The object will be removed!


The Runway app is a next-gen generative AI tool that comes with a plethora of AI features. It can virtually generate any image or video based on the given prompt, remove backgrounds or unwanted objects from images and videos and much more. It is an all-encompassing AI creative suite for all the artists and creators out there.


AgentGPT is unique and one of a kind. This tool lets you generate your own autonomous AI agents that will learn from your conversations with it and will keep growing and learning. The same agents will then perform various tasks autonomously without human intervention. It is kind of a huge step in the world of AI and might this tool may even put ChatGPT to shame! This tool is something that you can comprehend only by trying it yourself.


Last but not least, we have on our list, Meetcody.ai. The creators of this app refer to it to be similar to ChatGPT but for your business. What do we mean by that? It means that the tool can understand your business by providing it with information regarding the same. Over time, it can provide you with strategies and help in brainstorming new ideas to improve your business. You don’t even need to provide context every time you enter the prompt, as it learns from the prompts and even text documents related to your business provided by you! Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it?


AI has taken our world by storm and most of us aren’t ready for the same! But we have to adjust to it by welcoming it with open arms as it is only going to advance further from here on out. All we have to do is consider this revolution’s positive side. Some people may say that AI is dangerous and may put a lot of aspects of our daily lives to risk but we have to take a leap of faith and make sure we use it wisely, and hopefully, there will be positive outcomes by doing so.

Do head to our blog section to find more such insightful blogs. Till then, happy reading!

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