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The Best Password Managers you need to know

The Best Password Managers you need to know

Now, No more struggling to come up with smart passwords that you have a hard time remembering. With a secure and easy-to-use password manager, you can manage your login credentials across all your devices. A password manager won’t just spare you the effort of remembering dozens of different logins for all your online records. yet it will likewise help keep them secure by creating strong passwords that are difficult to figure and putting away them all securely in an encrypted vault.

We fall into the habit of reusing a similar password for multiple different sites. It might be convenient, yet it additionally leaves us in real danger; if just one of those sites is undermined, all your accounts would be at risk.

A password manager is basically an encrypted digital vault that stores the login data you used to get into applications, web sites, and different services. Other than keeping your identity, credentials and sensitive information safe, a password manager can create solid, unique passwords to guarantee you aren’t reusing them over your gadgets and services. The unique passwords can go far to guaranteeing that if one site gets hacked, your stolen password can’t be utilized on other sites.

In addition, with a manager, you don’t need to remember the various login information, such as credit card information or shipping addresses. With just one master password, you can autofill a form or password field. Besides, they also provide an encrypted vault for storing documents.
Many of the password managers here offer both free and paid accounts, so you can pick one that suits your needs, and your wallet.

1. LastPass:

LastPass is easy to use, super secure, packed with features, and offers both free and premium plans so you can choose the option which suits best your needs. All the information is stored using encryption techniques. You can store credit card details also, so they can be entered automatically when you’re shopping online, plus encrypted notes, details of insurance policies, and much more besides.

The free version of LastPass is superb, but premium accounts are very reasonably priced and offer an extremely useful extra feature: the ability to log into apps on your phone. Very few password managers offer this, and it could prove invaluable if you ever lose your phone, preventing people from accessing your emails and social media.

2. Roboform:

Roboform is another versatile password manager, with plugins for all the major browsers and mobile apps for both iOS and Android. The free version is providing you with a secure vault for your logins and an auditing tool to help you identify weak or copied passwords and a password generator for replacing them with a strong ones.

Unlike LastPass, the free version of Roboform doesn’t sync your passwords across multiple devices. For that, you’ll need a premium subscription, but prices are very reasonable. You’ll also get a host of other useful features, including the ability to share logins securely, multi-factor authentication, and 24/7 support.

3. Dashlane:

The free version of Dashlane is a capable password manager for a single device, capable of storing logins for up to 50 accounts in a secure vault with multi-factor authentication, Like LastPass, it can do much more than just fill in passwords for you; it can also store all kinds of information and fill out forms with delivery addresses and contact details automatically.

So far so good, but Dashlane’s premium service is even more impressive. Not only does it let you synchronize all your passwords across all your devices it also monitors the dark web for data breaches and sends you personalized alerts if any of your stored details appear in a batch of stolen data.

4. Keeper Password Manager:

There’s no free version of Keeper Password Manager, but you can try it for 30 days before deciding whether to go for a subscription.

Keeper is one of the most sophisticated password managers around. Not only does it offer plugins for every major browser, plus mobile apps for iOS and Android, it’s also available as a desktop app for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Like the premium version of Dashlane, Keeper will warn you if any of your passwords appear in a data breach. It will also alert you if any of your passwords are particularly weak and also help you create strong replacements.

5. KeePass Password Safe:

It isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing password manager, but KeePass Password Safe offers robust security, multiple user support, and downloadable plugins to expand its feature set.

KeePass’s secure password generator can produce logins suitable for those annoying sites with very specific requirements, and clearly indicates any options that might make the generated password weaker.

It lacks the convenience of commercial password managers, but if you’d prefer to keep your passwords stored locally then KeePass is a good option.

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