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Amazon Inventory System

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AngularJS, Laravel, Amazon Seller API, MWS API


May 2018


Jan 2019


Amazon has become the largest online marketplace in the world and naturally there are gazillions of products and their vendors. Despite the sales analytics provided by Amazon, a lot of agile vendors want to stay ahead of the competition and need a lot more analysis than what Amazon provides.

For instance, it may be advantageous to analyse a vendor’s own historical and current data and make smart, meaningful correlations. It may even help to know how the competitors are faring – their inventory, pricing and estimated sales.

The Challenges

Our problem statement included these two key pinch points:

• Providing statistical analysis of a vendor’s current and historical sales performance and make meaningful forecasts and estimates

• Providing a comparative analysis of the position of a vendor vis-à-vis the competitors on Amazon

Our Solution

This was a huge R&D project for team Wings Tech as it stretched us to our limits owing to the tight deadlines provided by our client. It is no mean feat trying to go one step beyond Amazon in providing deeper insights into a vendor’s performance, forecast future performance and also analyse where the vendor stands amidst his competitors.

The main challenge was to glean relevant statistical pieces the from AWS Seller API and MWS APIs. These APIs provide very limited data and it would be daunting to make all that little data talk!

However, our small, closed team of experts burnt the midnight oil in developing very specific algorithms to build analytical and predictive insights for our clients. Here, it must be noted that the achievement of Wings Tech Solutions lies not in writing complex algorithms because other companies have written their own algorithms too in order to provide a solution to this kind of a challenge. It lies in developing the solution at a fraction of the cost and working with a small team of coders. On top of it, we developed the solution in well under a year’s time!