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Pofi | A Multi-Vendor E-commerce Platform

Glimpses of the project


Pofi Technologies


iOS, Android, Laravel (APIs), PostgreSQL, Google Maps APIs, Realm (Core Data) for local database, Angular JS, Node JS


Dec, 2017


Jul, 2018


The global e-commerce market is expanding at a rapid pace. The number of people with access to the internet and a preference to purchase online has more than doubled in the past 5 years. A multi-vendor shopping cart is all the rage among small and big vendors owing to the phenomenal success of Amazon, e-Bay, Flipkart, and Alibaba. Basically, a multi-vendor e-Commerce platform refers to a marketplace platform where buyers and sellers initiate or conduct transactions and share the same shopping cart.

We got an opportunity to build one for Pofi Technologies.

The Challenges

Pofi Technologies wanted us to help create a multi-vendor platform which would be capable of:

•  Creating multiple product and service vendor profiles

•  Creating full fledged e-commerce stores for vendors along with transactional capabilities

•  Smart search features to help customers discover services and products online

Our Solution

As requested by Pofi Technologies, we created the bespoke multi vendor marketplace. The platform is unique in that customers and vendors can directly interact with each other. And what’s more? This platform was made available on both mobile (Android & iOS) and web.

How does it work?

It’s simple. Like any other multi-vendor portal, service providers can register online and can communicate with the users about what kind of services they provide and what they charge for those services. This platform has gained immense popularity all over the world, but especially in Turkey, where there are thousands of portal users. The best part about the portal is that it is completely free for use by one and all.

Wings Tech Solutions not only helped design this portal, but also provided support services for the initial six months to handhold and oversee the progress of the portal.