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iOS, Android, OCR, NFC


Sep 2015


Oct 2015


As the world is advancing towards digitalization, would printed physical cards still have applicable in this period? Or on the other hand virtual alternatives replace or complement their paper counterparts? Whether you’re maintaining a business or looking for employment, you’ve likely been to meet new faces and a pile of paper business cards. In order to overcome this problem, we developed an application which enabled users to make their business cards promptly.

Go paperless, Go digital with digital business cards – was the specific requirement when we got in touch with BoBL.

The Challenges

They had very challenging requirements from us:

• The biggest challenge was to enable users to take a picture of the physical card and let them change the information drafted on the physical card. Once the information was composed by the user, it will be spared in the application forever automatically

• To make the virtual card NFC enabled – Whenever 2 mobile phones are in a defined range limit then by just tapping on cards, user can be able to send it over another phone

• To make the application enabled with multi language

• Visiting cards should be able to share with anyone without downloading the app.

Our Solution

We designed and launched the app that allows users to create and share their digital business cards with other smartphone users. You can create a personalized virtual business card (vCard) and easily send it to your contacts.

This app lets you transition from the world of paper-based cards to digital thereby saving paper. Sharing contacts with professionals is really easy. Moreover, This is a business tool to increase your productivity as you save time for storing, managing, and finding traditional business cards. The app even accredited users to manipulate business directories easily with just a few clicks on their smartphones. Along with this, it is extremely simple to manage and discover contacts when you need them.

With the QR Code or NFC, one can able to share contact information. A user will never need to manually enter another’s contact information again!

There would be two types of user access:

1 ) BoBL Social version is free and fully functional where

2)  BoBL Professional version is full of business enhancing opportunities.

Besides, Users have the ability to add their profile links to all social media platforms(Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and even more).