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POIC | An Employee Management Platform

Glimpses of the project


Portland OIC


Vue.js, Firebase, Flutter


January 2019


May 2019


Portland OIC is looking for better insight into the consulting and counseling activities of their employees. They wanted us to create an employee tracking portal which will enable the employees to add and track their daily work activities that are assigned by the management/administrator.

The Challenges

The key tasks that were expected to be accomplished were:

• Providing statistical analysis of user’s activities based on various filter criteria. There were many reports and graphs to be displayed and filtered as per user convenience.

• Displaying a map for the web with markers for the past and upcoming scheduling activities of the user.

• There are some database query limitations while working with firebase database. Overcoming them was a big challenge we faced.

Our Solution

They were on the expedition to create a web-based administrative application for POIC management and a mobile app for employees.

The web portal cultivated in a way that allowed POIC management to Setup and manage employees, Add and edit an employee activity, provide operational and management reports and a visual map that shows locations and stats of activities.

And the mobile application was also developed with the aim to make the user interface very accessible for employees. They enable to add an activity/event (date, time, location, etc.), Can add notes related to the event and Can view past activities/events.