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Daily Drip: A Fitness App

Glimpses of the project


Daily Drip Fitness


Android, iOS, Angular, Node


Feb 2020


Going On


The Daily Drip is especially for women where they don’t have enough time to go to the gym on a regular basis. It’s a place, women can affordably change a lifestyle. It has created a community that lets you fall in love with taking care of yourself.

They have five filmed workouts a week. Even they have divided into two portions HOME and GYM workouts as per client’s choice. The best thing is that structure and demonstration videos will be a formatted list of reps and sets. All post progress photos remain only 30 days.

Currently, The Daily Drip helps the women to stay fit by your OWN nutrition and training.

The Challenges

Major challenges takeaway with key pinch:

• Users will have a dynamic account dashboard

• Offering personalized training sessions

• Creating a diet for an average person or people who can afford that

• Proper workout plans with animation to motivate them daily

• Automatic payments through CC

Our Solution

This app lets you transition from the world of revolution in fitness. Wings team designed and launched the app that allows users a seamless experience with assurance. All the videos will be annotated in reps and sets to do for that workout.

The major challenge was to record their workout history with progress photos and stamps on their calendar. All these things should be shown in the form of a line graph over time.  It will remain for 30 days only. To become a member of The Daily Drip you have to do payments through CC. As they don’t want to collect payments through the App Store because of fees. Even they have different diet plans for each user according to their requirements.

Wings Tech Solutions integrated the client provided The Daily Drip with state of the art application for Android & iOS. Our experienced app development team has the capability to offer one-stop Fitness App Development Solutions based on the customized needs of the fitness industry.