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Dragon Eyes : A Community Application

Glimpses of the project


Dragon Eyes


Android, iOS, Node JS


Apr 2020


Going On


Dragon Eyes’ scope was to develop an application for clients that allows the end-user to report an incident to the community or to send an alert to near or dear ones for a possible threat. It helps to keeps people aware of what’s going in society.

They created for a community just like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram platforms so that they easily can report an incident along with photo/video/text and can reply/comment and share the incident with other users or friends.

The Challenges

Major challenges takeaway with key pinch:

  • Handling the map with users’ pins (which shows the users’ current/last locations). This is basically used to see who is nearby and where.
  • Handling comments and replies by users along with their likes/dislikes for the specific incident post.
  • A deep linking for each post where users can land on the app from the shared post on social media.
  • Sharing the app post with friends and families.

Our Solution

Wings team designed and launched the app that allows users a seamless experience with assurance. Our team was very enthusiastic while developing the application for Android and iOS. We are always ready to take on a project as a challenge whether it’s big or small. This is specially developed for the minimum OS for android is Lollipop, API Level 21, and OS for iOS will be 10.3.

It is designed in such a way that users can easily upload an incident with a single click. People can comment or reply to any specific incident report only at one level of depth. So gratuitous and disrespectful comments can be avoided by this won’t hurt anyone’s point of view.

Wings Tech Solutions provided complete support toward the application. We have also provided security for the users so that they can be more trustable.