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Nugmeat Seeds




Jan 2021


Apr 2021


Nugmeat is an e-commerce website for fresh fruits & vegetables. You can also find organic & healthy juice, processed food as well as gentle skincare at their store. They bring the season’s best mix of 100% produce and hand-crafted farm products to your door. Their product deliveries are 100% certified organic, pesticide-free, and sustainably grown.

They were looking for a solution that could guarantee consistent product presentation with features, such as search, to support coupons via email, and many more. 

The Challenges

Major challenges takeaway with key pinch:

  • To generate a unique promo code via email while the user gives ratings or comments on purchased products.
  • Uses can easily redeem that promo code in the next purchase.
  •  Home page with changing images and featuring links to social media (Instagram).
  • Using 8 search filters to narrow product results but also can sort function with 6 options.
  • Platform embed with Google cloud.

Our Solution

Wings team was able to find the right technology to match their needs – as they want from scratch. The whole website is developed from scratch. On the website, the WTS team has worked so precisely from search filter to integration with social media direct that redirection from home page banner.

They care about every detail. From the way you experience the website, through the path to purchase, right until the point you receive the package and open it up. “For there, merchandising from the start was key to their customer experience.” They saw an opportunity with product search and browse solutions to reduce the time it takes to build a basket, increase basket size, and lift conversion rates. 

The WTS team had suggested the best solution for the website. WTS has designed a product filter in such a way that customers can easily custom their products according to their requirements. Also, we have linked up with Google cloud.