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ABC Tracing for Kids Free Games

Glimpses of the project


Kids Preschool Application




Jul 2020


Jul 2020


ABC Tracing outlook especially for kids where clients want every feature on a fingertip because kids are going to run the app. Alphabet Tracing includes three fun, educational activities for kids of all ages! Continue learning outside of school or daycare.

They wanted that any kid can be accessed easily whether a child is in kindergarten, a stay at a home toddler, or going to attend preschool, this is a great, free learning app for kids. Their games have reinforced learning via technology which is at the forefront of modern academic programs all around the world.

The Challenges

The key tasks that would be expected for us to accomplish:

  • Integration with Ads.
  • Revamp with the latest design specially for kids.
  • Sound for every alphabet and number, not this but also gaming sound.

Our Solution

Wings team designed and launched the app that allows users a seamless experience with assurance. Our team was very enthusiastic while developing the application for Android and iOS. We are always ready to take on a project as a challenge whether it’s big or small. 

It is designed in such a way that kids familiarize themselves with the ABCs (English alphabet) and numbers by tracing the dashed lines. There are sounds to assist with learning ABC phonics for all letters and numbers so your children can get familiarized with the correct pronunciation for the entire alphabet. 

In the gaming section, the matching game can be used individually or as a cooperative game when others want to join in the fun. The skills learned here will be later utilized as the kids recognize patterns and build mental structures for their worlds. Plus having the ability to formulate strategies for breaking large complex into smaller more digestible tasks is at the very basis for the newest and most compelling careers in the STEM fields.

Wings Tech Solutions provided complete support toward the application by creating a pathway to future success in language and reading.