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ParkMe (now Ask-Beatrice)


iOS, Android, PHP, Google / Apple Maps, PXML Tiger Line APIs, Google Fusion Table, Dynamo DB


Jul 2011


May 2013


Based in Boston, Massachusetts, the founders of ParkMe LLC had a revolutionary idea. With population and traffic being the two most daunting challenges in every major city, the availability of parking spaces is scarce. Also, even if parking spaces are available it is difficult to locate them. In the end, people end up getting parking tickets for parking their vehicles inappropriately on roads.

ParkMe LLC wanted to solve the parking problem through a mobile application that would the users in finding the nearest available parking spots.

The Challenges

The parking intelligence app that ParkMe LLC wanted to build had two key problem statements:

•  Collect quantifiable data from different locations to find parking spots

•  Build an intelligent engine for predicting or recommending available parking spots

Our Solution

Cities large & small have millions of street-level points of data; including signs, meters, and business locations. These items affect everyone – from a motorist parking their car to a merchant running a shop to a Municipality trying to maintain the street fixtures. This data is also changing every single day.

Our entire solution is based on the concept of micro-jobs where the data pertaining to parking spots is collected for all the cities from individuals who use their mobile apps and collect data through small paid jobs that get created using the Job Provisioning System (published from an authentic data source like Tiger Line API).

We designed and launched the app that would make it clear where the users can park and for how long. The app even conveyed to its users how much it will cost to park at a particular spot.

After due research, our team came up with a three-pronged solution:

  • The Parking App – an app to be used by individuals to find parking spots
  • WALKER App – a micro-job platform app to be used by data collectors, and
  • Parking Widget -a web-based widget to be installed on business websites.