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Jan 2013


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Established in 1999, DMV.ORG identifies itself as a privately-owned company composed of strategic doers, thinkers, and writers, dedicated to making the experience with the DMV better for its users. As the name indicates, the company is into the business of making DMV processes simple. DMV.ORG has a wide reach spanning all 50 states in the US.

Currently, the company helps its clients with Driving License & ID, Registration & Title, Car Insurance, Practice Tests, and Address Change among many others.

The Challenges

DMV.ORG wanted a regular expression tool that could:

•  Fetch specific, public data from the DMV websites of 50 different states

•  Update the latest fetched data on DMV.ORG website

•  Run fetching and updating processes at regular intervals to bring the latest data to its clients

Our Solution

Getting an offer to work with a bellwether company such as DMV.ORG was a great opportunity for our team to make its mark. The company wanted to add a service to its roster – a service to help its clients find the latest information from any government DMV office across 50 states. The company figured that it would be a great add-on for its customers as they would be spared from the hassle of visiting multiple websites frequently.

In our parlance, we employed a solution which we call ‘scraping’. Scraping is a technique to collect text-based content from different web sources and aggregate it in one place. Our engineers built a regular expression tool that scrapes DMV location/office time details/ updates across all state DMV websites and displays it on DMV.ORG. The tool runs automatically every day and collects relevant up-to-date information.