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VANI | Production Tracking Solution

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Angular 4/5, Laravel (APIs), MySQL


Oct 2017


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Quite contrary to what people might think, Digital / VFX studios don’t have many digital solutions to track various aspects of the production work they do. A lot of these agencies make use of MS Excel to carry out these tasks and it is quite time consuming to create and maintain Excel sheets. Big studios typically have hundreds of artists working on variety of artifacts such as shots and assets. There is a big requirement for studios to keep track of their projects, series, episodes, sequences, tasks, etc. The end product of these studios could be a movie or TV series or an online series (on YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, etc.).

The Challenges

It is a perennial need for studios to have a convenient solution in order to:

•  Plan and monitor the progress of their work

•  Increase work productivity and avoid common scheduling gaffes

•  Reduce costs with meticulous planning and relevant statistical indicators

Our Solution

Wings Tech‘s solution to the quandary faced by thousands of studios is simple. Our digital architects have come out with our very own VANI software.

So, what is VANI? Why is it so important to digital studios worldwide?

VANI is a 360-degree solution; it helps studios at every step of their production. For instance, VANI can help in onboarding an artist, keeping the life cycle record of an artist, shuffling artists, keeping track of the productivity of everyone involved, and of the progress of projects (movies/series).

It also helps in the bidding and planning processes, provides dashboards to all primary stakeholders of the project to keep an eye on various macro and micro activities across the board, and facilitates streamlining of the complete workflow of tasks given to the artists.