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Prospeqs | An Equestrian Ride Tracker App

Glimpses of the project


Speek LLC


Android, iOS, Node.js


April 2019


June 2019


When we got in touch with the Prospeqs team, they are in need of a ride tracking app for motivated equestrians which could help to track and analysis the horse’s riding progression. Through this app, users can be able to save and share ride videos, photos, and notes to figure out their progression.

Moreover, The Riders can use a ride journal to store notes on every ride and A media library to store unlimited photos and videos of their best rides and their horse’s best performances.

The Challenges

The key tasks that would be excepted from us to accomplished:

• User can be able to Share rides within the app

• They should be able to send and receive private comments on a shared ride

• One can able to sort and filter rides by date, location, ride rating, ride type and more

• With App, the user should be competent enough to analyze training pattern over time and to understand the progress

Our Solution

The app also Keeps non-riding horse owners apprised of their horse’s progress with an organized video feed of the horse at home and at the show.

With the implementation of a robust ride filter, Users can quickly find any ride videos they’ve stored so they can get rid of endless scrolling through their phone’s camera roll to find the relevant videos.

Your achievement happens faster when you track your own progress and that is the main use of this app to figure out all the factors around the horse riding.

Thus, this app helps to improve horse performance, following the activities of the horse, ensuring their health, recording the workload, and anticipating abnormalities such as lameness.