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Visa Request


PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap


Jun 2014


Nov 2015


Based in Capetown, South Africa, VisaRequest is a prominent visa assistance company that has the ability, capital, knowledge, and experience handle visa applications. Over the past 10 years, VisaRequest has assisted more than 24,000 travelers in acquiring over 60,000 visas.

VisaRequest’s USP lies in providing most of its services online. It has an alert support team and a customer service center. It handles most of its support services via efficient online messaging and email.

The Challenges

VisaRequest management team was clear in its vision – it wanted someone to help them provide most of their services online. Wings Tech Solutions was required to:

•  Re-design and re-develop their existing portal

•  Incorporate functionalities to provide support and visa assistance services online

Our Solution

At Wings Tech Solutions, our team spent the first week in understanding the business model of VisaRequest along with their clients, visa destinations, and other offline processes that could be provided online. Once we understood what VisaRequest did, we brainstormed as a team and came up with the best ideas to redesign and redevelop the portal.

We redeveloped their portal to include the latest information on different visa categories, appointment booking and courier scheduling for the collection of client documents, efficient feedback, and screening and downloading and payment of invoices online.

Taking most of the processes online has helped VisaRequest scale its model and provide the best services to its clients.