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Android Studio 3.5 – What’re the new features revealed?

Android Studio 3.5 – What’re the new features revealed?

If you ever wished that Android Studio was faster, more performant, and more memory efficient? Then you would be happy to go with Android Studio 3.5. This newly launched stable version of the android studio is quietly improved with its memory settings and enhanced system health.

In particular, taking into account the accelerated development of day-to-day mobile apps it came out with much bigger advancements.
Over the years, Android was struggling with its speed issue. However, the platform is very giant and pregnant with rich features but still, there were no IDEs available for the apps.

To cope with the issue, the android studio team dealt with a ‘Project Marble’ that nearly took the time of around 8 months to be developed. The intention of this project was to enhance the system’s health and bug functions.

In this article, we’re going to see what’s a new feature revealed in android studio 3.5

1. Build Speed:

As discussed before, the poor build speed in Android Studio was one of IDE’s biggest problems. Most of the time the compilation of the project nearly took 3 minutes in an android studio.

In order to overcome this, Google has made numerous speed enhancements. Especially, Google optimized the key annotation processes with incremental support, which includes Dagger, Kotlin (KAPT), Glide, AndroidX data binding, and Realm.

This incremental support has made a notable impact on build speed.

2. Auto Recommended Memory Settings:

The new feature allows IDE to recognize when a project needs more RAM on a machine with higher RAM capacity. Additionally, this will notify you to increase the memory heap size by just adjusting the settings yourself.

3. Apply Changes:

It is basically a modern replacement of the ‘Instant Run’ framework, which was supposed to make it easier for android app developers to make minor changes instantly and test them.

But, the ‘Instant Run’ framework had actually ended up creating more problems than fixing them. So, under ‘Project Marble’, Google eliminated the ‘Instant Run’ and developed ‘Apply Changes’.

4. User Interface:

Several times, the problem occurs when Android Studio freezes for 1 second to 1 minute and it just crashes and needs to be force closed.
While working with the XML files, IDE is being complained of slowing down. Google took this issue into consideration and upgraded typing latency in a more improved manner.

5. Disk I/O File Access Speed:

The disk I/O access times on windows were found notable higher on average than other platforms. Android Studio now detects this and helps guide you through the optimal setup.


Google has introduced a wide range of fixes, improved features, and changes to the core areas of Android Studio that would add more work productivity in the era of app development

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