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Featuring Everything About Full Stack Development

Featuring Everything About Full Stack Development

In the context of web development, ‘full-stack’ is used to refer to the entire web experience, covering the front end (user interfaces) and the back end (servers and databases).

The front-end is the part of the website that the end-user sees, interacts with, and is responsible for the overall user experience. In the backend, web development takes place on the server, and database management is involved.

Full Stack Development GIFFull-stack developers must possess skills that permit them to build a complete website, from design and development to QA and maintenance.

The “full-stack” approach has gained popularity with JavaScript’s use for client-side and server-side development.

Popular Tech Stacks:

MEAN Stack: MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, Node.js

LAMP Stack: Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP

RoR: Ruby On Rails, PHP, MySQL

MERN: MongoDB, Express, ReactJS, Node.js

Django Stack: Python, Django, MySQL

Popular languages for front-ends: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Backend: PHP, C++, Java, Python, JavaScript

Full-stack developers fulfill both roles by hiring one full-stack developer instead of two front-end developers and one back-end developer.

Using more than one framework, library, and technology to deliver a better experience is a popular model for modern web development.

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