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How to Attract, Keep and Motivate Tech Professionals?

How to Attract, Keep and Motivate Tech Professionals?

Attracting and retaining tech professionals has become a challenge these days. While the need for tech talent continues to increase, more companies are making more attractive job offers. Tech talent knows they are valuable, and, during the coronavirus pandemic, they set higher demands.

If you’re willing to remain competitive, you need to attract and keep the most skilled candidates. However, due to the fierce competition, you’ll need to go the extra mile. You can look for what world-class companies provide to their employees and adopt a similar strategy.

On the other hand, if you don’t know what to do to keep, motivate, and attract qualified employees, here’re some tips you can consider to improve your strategies. They will allow you to increase employee satisfaction and become an attractive employer.

Provide Better Salaries and Benefits

Providing great salaries and benefits has become essential to attract and retain top tech talent. As their demands are higher, good wages alone won’t convince them. It doesn’t matter if you make a six-figure salary offer, if they don’t receive benefits, they won’t join your team. Tech employees are looking for the perfect work-life balance. As they know that overwork might have adverse effects on their health, they now demand better benefits.

Companies like Samsung provide their employees with dental and health insurance benefits. You can add up retirement savings benefits and tuition reimbursement perks to get them convinced. But, if that doesn’t get the work done, you should consider parental leave perks.

For parents, spending time with their newborn is indispensable. If they can’t enjoy parental leave benefits, they probably won’t join your team. Otherwise, if you allow them to spend time with their new family member, they’ll join your team and will provide better results.

Providing on-site gym classes and spa sessions can also be a good option for improving employee retention strategies. As your workers will have a better work-life balance, they won’t leave the company. Today, not having a great work-life balance is among the main reasons for leaving a job. So, you’d better meet their needs.

Offer Flexible Schedules

Since remote work became the new standard, more tech professionals demand schedule flexibility. According to a survey made by Airtasker, remote workers have proven to be more productive than in-office workers. The study showed that remote workers spend 27 minutes of idle time in a workday, excluding routing breaks and lunch. And office workers spend, on average, 37 minutes of idle time. 

In other words, providing flexible schedules allows you to increase employees’ satisfaction as well as productivity. Employees with flexible working schedules are also more motivated. As they can spend valuable time with their family members, they won’t think about leaving. 

Demonstrate How Valuable Your Employees Are

To keep your workers motivated, you should tell them how valuable they are for the company. Congratulate them when they have done a good job. Let them know that the company wouldn’t be the same without them. And more importantly, let them be part of the big picture.

As most tech employees are backstage, they don’t take the principal role when talking to the press or exposing new inventions. But, if you let them take credit, they’ll feel part of a big family. When employees have a sense of owning, they are more likely to stay in the company. 

Provide Growth Opportunities

Staying in the same spot for years is something no one would like to do. If you want to attract and retain skilled workers, you have to let them grow. Realize when employees have been working harder and give them opportunities to get a promotion.

When employees feel they work hard for nothing, they might get frustrated. As they will be in a bad mood, they won’t provide good results. On the other hand, if they feel they are working towards a big reward, they’ll be more comfortable with the job. For tech employees, having growth opportunities is vital. It helps them to stay relevant and implement better practices.

Let Your Workers Develop Their Skills

Most tech professionals look for vacancies where they can develop their skills. As the tech market is continually growing, their abilities can get old easily. If you want to catch tech professionals’ attention, you must provide professional development opportunities.

Provide coding courses at the workplace or let them enroll in coding boot camps. As they will learn in-demand tech skills, they’ll allow your company to stay in the competition. When tech professionals have the opportunity to learn, they feel motivated and have better performance. 

Promote Teamwork

Tech professionals often work on projects with other employees. If you promote teamwork, they’ll be more likely to stay in your company. For example, front-end developers often work with UX designers and back-end developers. As they can learn from other team members, they will stay motivated and meet deadlines on time.

When tech professionals work in teams, they can implement best practices to help the company achieve its goals. But, if you don’t let them work with other tech employees, they might lose motivation.

Let Your Employees Be Part of the Hiring Process

To convince skilled tech candidates, you can allow your current tech team to participate in the hiring process. Let them do the interviews. They know what the job requires and what skills potential employees need to get the job done. When aspirants speak the same language as their interviewer, they feel more comfortable. As a result, finding the right candidate won’t be a challenge.


If you’re looking to innovate the market and have the best tech team, you can’t avoid considering these tips. They will help you to keep a motivated workforce that will provide the best result. And as you’ll be able to convince any tech candidate, you’ll be able to add more value to the company.

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