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React Native vs Swift : Which one to choose for iOS Application Development

React Native vs Swift : Which one to choose for iOS Application Development

React Native and Swift are both relatively new technologies that support mobile app development for iOS devices. While React Native is a framework for JavaScript, Swift is a brand-new programming language. So which one to pick when thinking about building a new iOS app? So, Let’s discuss in the detail

What is React Native?

React Native is a cross-platform mobile framework that lets you build apps using Javascript. It is different from Hybrid language, which usually incorporates a mix of native and mobile app concepts. However, it provides the benefit of both Native and Hybrid Mobile apps.

Advantages of using React Native:

  • React is a JavaScript library that is used to build UIs. If your work is just limited to web development, using React can be enough to do the job. However, if you are set for mobile app development, you will need the necessary tools which will be provided by React Native, the JavaScript framework.
  • The UI solutions build using React Native have native widgets which are consistent apart from being completely flawless. There has been an increase in user experience through the use of animations, scroll accelerations, and keyboard behavior.
  • The use of integrated components in React Native helps developers to complete basic tasks effectively and quickly.
  • You can extend your app functionality with existing or custom JavaScript modules.

Limitations of using React Native:

  • Even though React Native comes with a number of APIs, still there will be a need to have other APIs by going through native modules. These modules are written in the native language and are then included in the remaining code. This actually seems good but will only work well if you know where to use the language and the tools.
  • As Android and iOS make use of different design guidelines, you will have to take care of the same with React Native development. You will have to include many if-statements in the code. Moreover, with React Native, it is tough to come up with high-quality custom UI.
  • If you are planning to come up with a complicated app, React Native is not the right choice. If the project is a small and simple one, you can benefit from code sharing

What is Swift?

Swift is a general-purpose, multi-paradigm, compiled programming language developed by Apple Inc for iOS and Linux. Swift is more convenient for projects with complex infrastructure and native iOS features.

Advantages of using Swift:

  • With Swift, you can access all the APIs just by making use of the native environment.
  • You can use a large number of third-party libraries when you choose to go for development in the native environment. This step will help you develop apps that are functionally well all the while offering better user experience.
  • When you are working with React Native, there are more chances of uncertainties. But when you go for native development, you will be able to enjoy the benefits in the long run.

Limitations of using Swift:

  • Native platform offers platform specificity and it can be considered as its biggest disadvantage. If you want to build apps for Android and iOS, you will have to come up with separate codes.


React Native or Swift, The answer lies in the complexity of the app. For more complex applications, it is better to write in Swift or else your app simply does not measure up against the competition. Furthermore, if you are required to deliver a simpler iOS app which has a limited deadline then React Native will be the worthy option to choose for. For complex application requirements, Swift will be the best option to be considered.

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