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The Reasons To Choose Backbone JS When Building Web & Apps.

The Reasons To Choose Backbone JS When Building Web & Apps.

The best JavaScript framework can be difficult to choose if you own a business. Each day, new technology is released, and it is crucial for businesses to select an application framework based on their business needs. There is no need to wait until a framework’s release date before using it. The timing is determined by its popularity and what features it offers.

It doesn’t matter whether you are an experienced developer or a beginner; you all search for a framework that can handle web and mobile platforms. As opposed to Meteor.js, a JavaScript web framework, Vue.js offers amazing features and helps build engaging UIs and single-page applications.

Additionally, JavaScript libraries are becoming increasingly popular these days. Among the JavaScript libraries, developers use to create one-page apps is Backbone.js. The library provides models with a key-value binding and various events for web applications. Through a RESTful JSON interface, it connects with numerous APIs that already exist. Data is abstracted into models using MVP (Model-View-Presenter).

What is Backbone.js?

Originally developed on October 13, 2010, Backbone.js has since been updated. This lightweight JavaScript library was developed by Jeremy Ashkenas, who is also known for CoffeeScript and Underscore.js. The Backbone.js library is primarily used for creating single-page applications using a RESTful service. Framework developers can create single-page applications and these applications run in a web browser.

With Backbone.js, developers have access to a wide range of minimal but highly customizable tools for building applications. Backbone JS development is very trending nowadays because we can develop highly immersive single-page applications with backbone.js.

Let us delve deeper and understand Backbone.js’ benefits for any business.

1. Lightweight

When it comes to downloading speed and responsiveness, it is essential to take into account the weight of a project. About 7.6 kb of code makes up the Backbone. Because of this, it is the most versatile library. With it, you won’t have to depend on jQuery, and it uses the Underscores JS libraries. Moreover, it’s a great tool for development.

2. MV structure and Abstract Code

Programming is largely composed of abstract code. Additionally, Object-Oriented Programming Language is part of this. No matter what it hides, it can’t conceal information regarding objects. From DOM usage, it moves to RESTful API, which helps save data in the model’s format.

3. Comes with lots of small libraries

Backbone JS mainly focuses on extensibility. A variety of libraries are provided to support its usage. Additionally, Backbone allows you to create an MVC framework. An overview is rendered by the Layout Manager. Marionette facilitates a better way to structure app code.

4. Event-driven communication

The JQuery declarations become cluttered as a project evolves, and they may end up dispersed throughout, making it hard to read. This problem can be resolved with Backbone JS’s event-driven communication. Listeners are available for model attributes, and every attribute that can be modified in a view can be controlled.

5. API and documentation

There are numerous reasons why Backbone JS is easy to learn. You can download a lot of guides and documents from the Internet. Numerous to-do applications have also tested and supported it. On top of that, it can sync easily with the back end. It should be possible for Backbone JS to perform some operations rapidly if the API has been designed correctly.

6. Conventions for coding style

In the event that you wish to introduce a standard coding style, conventions are the ideal choice. By following the conventions in Backbone, developers will have the ability to code less. Standardized code makes development easier.


There is no doubt that Backbone.js is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries. Additionally, it offers features to simplify the development process as well as facilitation for Single Page Applications. In Backbone.js, you can create common web functions with a variety of objects and APIs. For Single Page Applications that enforce conventions, you might consider either AngularJS or Ember. Backbone.js is another useful framework widely used for numerous well-known web applications.

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