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Technology Stack Dilemma: 4 things should be taken into consideration before deciding Right Technology Stack

Technology Stack Dilemma: 4 things should be taken into consideration before deciding Right Technology Stack

Anyone is introducing new technology to your team with an exciting suggestion. But is it a good idea?

It is often first we see the immediate benefits rather than the immediate risks when we are dealing with new technology. So before you start a single line of code written for any web or app development you will need to carefully choose a right tech stack to power the whole thing. There are plenty of options available to choose the right one but once you get into wrong and your fear may have plenty of nasty consequences down the line.

When you begin building any type of technology, you find yourself down some deep research rabbit holes while building your tech stack. This blog will help you while choosing the right tech stack and what precautions to take when implementing new technology or running software.

What’s a Technology Stack?

The technology stack comes with a kit that has a mixture of programming languages, frameworks, and tools that developers use to build a web or app. There are two main components of any web or app are client-side and server-side. It is also known as front-end and backend. These are the main pillars of any web or app development process. A stack is created when one layer of an application is built atop the other.

Here we will help out, what precautions should be taken while choosing the right option.

With this you get an extensive variety of web or app development tools, platforms, and stacks, choosing the right one that fits your project development seems like a difficult task. That’s absolutely the true fact, here are a couple of aspects to be taken into account while selecting the right tech stack.

1. Nature of the App Being Built:

Every web or app is slightly different from others. Likewise, the device, the network condition, desired user experience, OS, target audience, market trends, etc. It impacts a lot while selecting the technology stack. Requirements may vary from a single page to multiple pages of the web or app in the development process. Before you architect your web or app these should be taken into consideration while you are choosing the technology stack for development projects.

2. The Goal of Your Project:

All web or app deals with a heavy load of processing systems thus it requires powerful tech stacks that work around streamlined limited interactions. We can say that when you are choosing the tech stack, you should also consider the goal of your web or app development.

3. Development Cost:

It’s not necessary that turning your idea into a real-life web or app is not free of charge, it requires investment. According to your budget, you have to choose the tech stack for development. There is a positive correlation between selected tech stack and cost when the tech stack is more advanced that implies the high development cost. There are main problems you need to consider: IT infrastructure setup, developers’ salary, and app maintenance.

4. Scalability:

A growing business function requires a well-defined scalability matrix that provides functional scenarios for both scale-up (vertically) and scale-out (horizontally). Therefore scale-up enables us to add other software for new tasks and scale-out allows us to manage the increase in the volumes of a request. Your business growth in your existing practices must examine according to the potential of tech solutions with scalability in mind.


Here we have covered some of the noteworthy tips for you to find the best technology stack for your web or app development project. When you determine the software technologies based on the requirements of future products is the underlying concept. It is not always a good idea to prefer time-tested tools, but for powerful successful organizations, you need to select the right tech.

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