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Smartphones Revolutionize Our Lives!

Smartphones Revolutionize Our Lives!

In little more than a decade, the smartphone has become a universal presence in our daily lives in predictable ways. A staggering 5 billion people now own one around the world. Though smartphones have come a long way since their introduction in the late 1980s. They are friendly gadgets that have made everything reachable through a touch. They have occupied such a huge place in our daily lives that it is no wonder that for most of us, a smartphone is the first thing we look at in the morning and it is the last thing we see before going to bed.

Smartphones are lighter than a roll of quarters and occupy less space than a paperback book. The smartphone’s role in shaping human interaction in the 21st century has been as dramatic as it is far-reaching.  With more than 2.5 million apps — and counting — available across Google and Apple’s digital marketplaces, smartphones are impacting day-to-day life in some surprising ways.

Over the past decade, smartphones have revolutionized our lives in ways that go well beyond how we communicate. Besides calling, texting, and emailing, more than two billion people around the world now use these devices to navigate, to book cab rides, to compare product reviews and prices, to follow the news, to watch movies, to listen to music, to play video games, to memorialize vacations, and, not least of all, to participate in social media.

I used to talk on the phone much more as a social connection, and now I use texts and social media to keep up with everyone”. Nowadays information is also so rapid and up-to-the-minute. Ten years ago, we’d all be crowding around a television to hear what’s happening, and now we have our phones.”

Whilst smartphones have become more sophisticated and more prevalent, a list of advantages and disadvantages of their use becomes more evident and widespread.


  • Keep your loved ones in touch, either through calls, text, or images, which express the feeling sweetly and amusingly.
  • You may know where you are and find easy ways and routes to go anywhere, especially in an unknown place.
  • You can make the world listen to your voice in a touch.
  • You can spend your time wisely reading the news or doing some official work.
  • Can entertain yourself with games, music, or movies.
  • Can always be available socially.
  • Can avail the Customer service offers to be easily accessible.
  • Food and groceries can be ordered online.
  • Email and Banking become easy.
  • Endless apps are available to make your dreams come true.


  • The electromagnetic radiation will be high because of the heavy internet usage and might lead to health problems such as brain tumors and Skin Cancer.
  • The HEV light emitted from a smartphone screen leads to severe eye strain during long-time use and would slowly damage the retina.
  • Spending most of the time on your phone creates neck problems and sleep deprivation.
  • As too much of anything is good for nothing, depending on a smartphone for everything makes you addicted.
  • Being online for most of the time keeps you away from having real experiences and having real friends, to share your mind.
  • Forwarding the messages and sharing the videos online regarding humanity, one might forget the real meaning behind it.
  • Few of them get addicted to text or watch videos while on the roads and talk on the phone while driving, which causes serious trouble as being busy makes you react slow.
  • Chances of losing money due to fraudulence on the internet.
  • Usage of Apps by not having complete awareness might lead to the leakage of personal information, which could be dangerous.
  • With every emerging new model, there come new features which are tempting to use and you may get into the crazy whirlpool of going for new models always.


Learning to live with the technology without surrendering to it may be one of the biggest challenges we face in the digital era. “We are playing catch-up,” says Kross, who describes the experiential universe opened up by smartphones as a new ecosystem that we’re still adapting to. “There are helpful or harmful ways of navigating the offline world, and the same is true of the digital world.” I hope you enjoyed our blog. If you are looking for app development services then just drop a line and we are back within 24hrs business day. 

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